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Care Instructions

As a company founded by athletes we knew quality and performance had to come first, we knew our gear had to be as strong and resilient as the athletes who train and compete in it. This meant sourcing the toughest threads and trims and testing the best fabrics to be sure they perform well under a range of conditions. From salt-water to chlorine to sunshine, our athletic wear holds up and protects.

Your HARDCORESPORT garment is expertly crafted by highly skilled garment manufacturers right here in California. We use the highest quality performance fabrics to ensure the best product available. Please care for your garments as the premium products that they are to ensure the longest lifetime possible. You wouldn’t throw your leather hot pants in the washing machine, would you?

HARDCORESPORT gear is highly durable, not indestructible. It was designed to hold up for hours of training in and out the water. It was not designed to scrape on rough pool decks or starting blocks. It was not designed to withstand the stressors of things like velcro or sandpaper. It was not designed to be worn on a construction site. It was designed to go skydiving. When cared for properly, your suit can last you upwards of 3 years!

Please follow these recommendations to ensure your garment lives the longest lifetime possible:

  • Please read and adhere to the care instructions on your garments size label.
  • Avoid rough surfaces and things like hot lava, dogs that eat homework, explosions, cheese graters, etc..
  • DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR DRY!!! Even in cold water, being tossed around in a machine with other garments will cause significant unnecessary wear. Hand wash in cold, clean water, with no detergent. Lay flat to dry in a cool, shaded, place.
  • Wear with love.
  • Wear when you want to BE HARDCORE.
  • Wear when you want to stand out from the rest.