Custom Team Suits


We started as a small company making suits that we liked. We were quickly approached by our many friends and family members also involved in aquatics, “Can you guys make suits for my son’s water polo team?” Working with coaches and swimmers alike, developing rad custom suit designs has evolved into our passion, woven directly into the very fiber of our beings. Let us show you what we can do for your team.

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To request a color swatch sheet, email us and we’ll send you one printed on our very own HydroCore fabric. We can match most pantone colors as well.

    • Black

    • Brown

    • Maroon

    • Cardinal

    • Red

    • Orange

    • Light Orange

    • Gold

    • Yellow

    • Lemon

    • Neon Green

    • Kelly

    • Dark Green

    • Teal

    • Sea Foam

    • Powder

    • Sky

    • Royal

    • Navy

    • Purple

    • Plum

    • Neon Pink

    • Baby

    • Coral


Colors on screen are slightly different than sublimated on our fabric.