PRE ORDER SF Tsunami 2017

Katie McCall will have a sizing kit available, please try on a suit if you are unsure of sizes. She can be reached at
For only $5 more you can add your name, initials or nickname to your suit!
This is a CUSTOM TEAM ORDER. You may order from now until April 5th. Late orders will NOT be accepted. These items will be going into production on April 6th. Please note: We do not have these items in stock; it is made to order, for you, as such there are no returns or exchanges. Production will take about 3-4 weeks from when the ordering period ends, NOT when you place the order.
All orders will be shipped to the team representative.
Some changes from last year:
  • We have a new Jammer pattern which is more true to size, it is not necessary to order a size larger. Please check out the sizing kit provided to Tsunami if you are unsure of your size
  • All white suits will be double lined to prevent "over exposure."

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at