This coming September a huge decision will be made: an invitation to host the 2024 Summer Olympics will be given either to Los Angeles California or Paris France. I am working very hard to convince the Olympic Committee that the Games should be held in Los Angeles. There are several key reasons why I’m pushing for this outcome.


To start, LA has already built many of the facilities needed to successfully host the Games. LA previously hosted the Olympics in 1932 and 1984. Many of the sporting venues built for these Olympics are still in use and can be repurposed for the 2024 Games. LA (and the surrounding area) are also filed with venues for current professional and club sports teams that can additionally be used for the Games. This existing infrastructure should help LA avoid a pitfall that has plagued many of the last cities to host the Olympics: serious problems with financing and building fully functional Olympic venues by the necessary deadline.


LA also has historical ties to the Summer Olympics that will add significance to the 2024 Games. The first ever Olympic Village was introduced during the LA 1932 Games. The ’32 Games also marked the first time a three-person podium was used to formally award medals. One very cool thing about the 1984 Games is that the city of LA made an unheard of $215 million profit from the event. The money was invested wisely by non-profit Organization LA84, and used to support numerous youth sporting programs for decades to come.


In addition, the LA area is a global epicenter of athletics and healthy living. Restaurants and markets featuring organic food are popping up all over the city. “Farm to table” eating, that allows diners to bypass the hormones and pesticides often added to food products, is also becoming a standard LA trend. This type of dining complements the average LA resident who already devotes serious time to athletic and outdoor endeavors. In part because LA weather is temperate and sunny, the community is filled with people who prioritize surfing, hiking, swimming, running and camping etc. Residents compete regularly in these and other arenas at an amateur level, and great effort is made to involve youth in athletics at a very early age. Since the Olympics also showcase amateur sports, this “LA vibe” is perfect for the Games.