Most of us have been athletes since childhood and don't think much about what goes into achieving and maintaining a healthy body, but since this is one of the first blog posts of the new, we decided to take it back to the basics. This post is meant to strengthen and encourage not just our athletes but your moms, friends, uncles, cousins, and whoever else wants to achieve an awesome, athletic body (like yours) but just doesn't know where to begin!

Over the years I have learned a lot from people who know way more than I do. All of the information from different coaches, teachers, friends, etc has been hard to effectively consolidate and share. That is, until recently when I came across an awesome website that takes everything I have learned and more and makes it super clear and easy to follow. It's called Simple Science Fitness, and it even has calculators to help you personalize your fitness and nutrition plans. Check it out, I promise you will be glad you did!

These are some of the main ideas that stand out to me and serve as daily reminders that can help ANYONE achieve results and BE HARDCORE. :)


-Your body composition is 80% diet, and 20% exercise. (Yes, genetics play role in our body shape and predispositions to more muscle/fat, but we CAN CONTROL our fat loss and muscle gain regardless of what we were born with.)
-Burn more calories than you eat to lose weight. Eat more calories than you burn to gain weight. It is that simple. BUT, our bodies (and metabolisms) function more efficiently when we consume calories in a way that meets our personal macronutrient needs. 
-Basically, eat a LOT of protein, but also to not be afraid of (good) carbs and fats. We need all three to be optimus prime. SSF gives you your personal numbers to work with based on your body. Prep your meals ahead of time, otherwise it is extremely difficult to stick to.
-DRINK A LOT OF WATER. If you don’t have to pee all the time you’re pretty much doing it wrong.
-Use an app like MyFitnessPal to help keep track of your food throughout the day and to avoid mindless eating.
-LADIES, you will not get bulky from lifting weights!! I know it’s true, even though I still fear it. What WILL make you bulky is eating the wrong foods in the wrong portions.
-Lifting is actually more beneficial to weight loss than cardio. You will burn more calories throughout the day just to maintain your fresh new muscle. Wooo! ;)
-Sleep enough, it is important. Stretch enough, it is also important.
-Vary your workouts to keep your mind and your muscles stimulated :)
-Have fun and don’t do it for anyone but yourself!!!