As two products of sunny Southern California, we have been aquatic creatures for as long as we can remember.

W + M

At age 5, we met on our first summer swim team.

By 12, we were swimming on the same club team, spending more time than we care to admit staring at the black line, hour after hour in the pool.

At 14, we started high school together. We went on to become CIF Champions and Record Holders for La Serna High School in Whittier, California. Our senior year of high school, as captains of the swim team, we made an executive decision that our team suits would not don the colors of our school, red and gold, but rather we picked out neon pink and purple zebra suits.

Whitney was recruited by USC where she was wildly successful as an All American in the mile. Mia swam at UC Irvine for a few years as a sprint freestyler before she began playing water polo.

Once our competitive careers were over, we switched gears and channeled that energy into starting and running a business. We are passionate perfectionists, striving to better ourselves and our product, every step of the way. We are innovative, pushing the boundaries of competitive swimwear and activewear on a daily basis. We are hard working, knowing that the fruits of our labors and commitments are sweet. We are personal, connecting directly with our market as often as possible. We are creative, daring to go where the masses won’t. We are competitive athletes, and always will be.

HARDCORESPORT is our passion, dedication and hard work, manifested.

We manufacture all of our products in our Los Angeles factory and are very proud to maintain “MADE IN THE USA” roots. Quality has been at the forefront of our minds since day one. Materials and craftsmanship that can hold up under the grueling conditions athletes put their uniforms through has always been the top priority.

The future of HARDCORESPORT is wide open and very exciting. We look forward to further fusing form and function and fun into the daily workouts of our athletes worldwide. Like our HARDCORE athletes, we are constantly pushing the limits and setting new goals for the company.

We look forward to working with you!


W + M

Whitney Hentzen and Mia Andersen