About Nick

This is a story about greatness; a story about what should have been; a story
about success that would have been.

On the morning of February 14, 2018, Nicholas (Nick) Dworet was murdered in a
mass shooting while at school at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in
Parkland Florida. Nick, a senior in high school and an American-Swedish
swimmer, was focused and dedicated in all aspects of his life, but, he was
especially focused upon swimming. He demonstrated the discipline, and
physical and mental aptitude to compete at both the collegiate and
international level. This aptitude had been recognized in Nick's award of a full
college scholarship to the University of Indianapolis to begin in the Fall of 2019.

Nick's talent was recognized by many of his coaches and peers. Nick had
dreams/goals of swimming in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo representing Sweden.
His dreams extended to the 2024 Olympics, depending upon his college
outcome. Many, including his local club coach and his
University of Indianapolis coach, believed Nick would have made a formidable
competitor at the Sweden Olympic Trials in preparation for the 2020 games.
Nick was already ranked in the top 5 in his age group in Sweden at the time of
his death. He was looking forward to improving his ranking during the summer
of 2019, when his family returned to Sweden for their annual homecoming, or
perhaps later in the year when he went off to college.

He was also a mentor and role model to his
teammates, especially the younger swimmers in his club. Nicholas was an innate
leader and sportsman, he led new teammates in difficult sets and always shook
hands with contestants swimming in the lanes next to him, regardless whether
he won or lost. Nick never left a person behind, whether a competitor or

Since Nicholas passing his family and friends has started a Memorial foundation.
The foundation honors Nick in the local community helping to inspire young
swimmers through swim clinics and college scholarships. In the spirit of Nick,
the foundation is finishing the journey he did not finish in the world of
swimming, by financially and in-kind inspiring fellow young swimmers.

This is a copy of a note Nick had written and posted in his bedroom where he could

reflect upon his dreams and goals each day.

Letter from Lauren Rubenstein, Swimming Coach - Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Letter From Coach Andre, Head Coach TS Aquatics

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